Sunday, March 20, 2011

Nook 1.5 software update fails

If your Nook is running version 1.4 of the software, you may find yourself in my situation... Every time WiFi is enabled, it will download an update, and install it, with a five minute reboot... Once it has rebooted it will download the update again, and so-on until you turn off WiFi (by enabling Airplane Mode).

"Sideloading" - that is downloading the software update from, and copying it to the Nook using the USB cable doesn't help - the Nook sees  the software update and tries to install it - but fails, and you're still stuck at software version 1.4.

It took me a Sunday afternoon and two very long calls to support to get it fixed... The procedure to fix it is as follows:

1. Power up the Nook - un-register the device.
2. Hold down the power button for 20 seconds.
3. Release the power button and hold it down for 20 seconds again.
4. Repeat the procedure 6 times total.
5. After the sixth time, let the Nook re-boot.  It will announce that it is restoring itself to the factory shipped condition. - it takes quite a while to do this.
6. Re-enable WiFi, and re-register the Nook.
7. Sideload the 1.5 software - it takes a lot longer for this successful update to complete...

That's it.

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